Tricia Cotham: Political Milestones, Career, Education, & More!



NOVEMBER 29, 2023

Tricia Cotham, born in 1978, made history as the youngest woman elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives in 2007-2008.


Political Milestones

By 2023, she's accumulated a net worth of $3 million, mainly from her political career, earning $174,000 yearly as a House representative.


Financial Status

Starting as a teacher, she transitioned to politics in 2007, winning re-election in 2022. In 2023, she switched from Democrat to Republican.


Career Path

Cotham holds bachelor's and master's degrees in teaching, contributing to her successful career.


Educational Background

Living in North East Arkansas with her two sons, Cotham balances a rich political legacy with a fulfilling domestic life.


Personal Life

Her party switch in 2023 gave Republicans a veto-proof majority, influencing decisions on abortion and education reform in North Carolina.


Political Impact

Married to Jerry Meek, former State Democratic Party Chairman, with whom she has two sons. Went through a divorce that marked a new chapter in her personal and political life.


Marriage and Divorce

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