Tricia Cotham’s Journey: From Teacher to a $3 Million Net Worth

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Tricia Cotham has long been an icon in North Carolina politics. She made history when she became the youngest woman ever elected to serve in the North Carolina House of Representatives during the 2007-2008 session.

Tricia Cotham was born November 26, 1978, in Charlotte and she has amassed an estimated fortune of $3 Million by 2023 through public service activities such as education, strong family ties and party-switching choices. 

Tricia Cotham Wiki

Full NameTricia Cotham
Net WorthEstimated $3 Million (by 2023)
Date of BirthNovember 26, 1978
Age45 years old (as of 2023)
BirthplaceCharlotte, North Carolina
Current LocationNortheast Arkansas
ProfessionPolitician, Educator
DebutElected to North Carolina House of Representatives (2007-2008)
Claim to FameYoungest woman elected to the NC House of Representatives (2007-2008)
Ethnic BackgroundNot specified
HometownCharlotte, North Carolina
Zodiac SignSagittarius
School/High SchoolNot specified
College/UniversityUniversity of Charlotte
Education QualificationBachelor’s and master’s degrees in teaching

Tricia Cotham Early Life

Governor Mike Easley appointed her after local Democratic Party leaders recommended her for appointment as James B. Black had left this seat vacant in March 2007.

Cotham became the youngest ever elected female representative to North Carolina’s House of Representatives when she was only 28. During that first term in 2007-2008, Cotham co-chaired its subcommittee on elementary and secondary education from 2008 until 2010.

Tricia Cotham Early Life
Source – Wikipedia

Cotham earned an “A+” grade as a legislator from the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE), and she was honored as Young Alumna of the Year by UNC-Chapel Hill School of Education in 2008.

Tricia Cotham began her teaching career in 2000 – just before being elected to Congress. Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District recognized her as East Region Most Outstanding First Year Middle School Teacher, where she taught social studies classes.

Tricia Cotham Net Worth

Tricia Cotham is predicted to amass an estimated fortune of $3 Million by 2023. She became a wealthy person because of her years spent serving others and having an accomplished political career. Her path towards wealth demonstrates her selflessness as it leads her toward building her fortune.

Cotham has achieved much during her long political career. Her wealth comes from her yearly salary as an American House representative – around $174,000 yearly – earning her wealthiest status. Over 10 years in politics have provided significant wealth creation.

Tricia Cotham net worth
Source – Instagram

Cotham may have amassed her riches through hard work and wise financial choices made throughout her lifetime, such as investments on the stock exchange, property market, or other areas. 

As an established person, Cotham could have further strengthened her finances via books published, speeches delivered or other lucrative activities. Noting the wealth that Cotham may gain through owning expensive real estate may provide significant returns in return.

Estimated Net Worth$3 Million (by 2023)
Source of WealthYearly salary as an American House representative (approximately $174,000 per year)
Wealth AccumulationOver 10 years in politics contributed to significant wealth creation

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Tricia Cotham Career

Tricia Cotham began as assistant principal of East Mecklenburg High School before starting work for the legislature in March 2007.

Cotham announced in 2016 her decision not to run again and, following redistricting of the 12th congressional district, revealed she is considering entering politics instead.

Cotham filed her paperwork to run for Congress on March 21, 2016, yet Alma Adams easily won her primary.

Tricia Cotham Career
Source – Instagram

Tricia Cotham successfully won reelection to North Carolina’s state legislature in 2022. She planned on switching parties from Democratic to Republican a few months later, according to WRAL-TV reports in North Carolina, stating she had already changed it.

At Cotham’s official party switch on April 5, 2023, Republicans gained an overwhelming veto-proof majority and could pass laws restricting abortion and initiating educational reform without consulting with their Democratic Governor or consulting them on legislation proposals.

Tricia Cotham claimed she was being threatened and followed because of the American flags she displayed on both her car and online profiles.

Tricia Cotham Education

Tricia Cotham valued her education. After earning a bachelor’s degree at one of the country’s premier universities, Tricia pursued further study with another prominent institute and earned herself a master’s. 

Although details about her academic institutions or disciplines of study remain secretive, her dedication to learning served her later career. It served her town and constituency well after transitioning successfully as both teacher and politician.

Tricia Cotham Personal Life

Tricia Cotham lives a fulfilling and enjoyable domestic life with her two young sons in North East Arkansas. Tricia Cotham hails from a family with diverse roots and an expansive political legacy. 

Married to Jerry Meek and mother to two unidentified children. Tricia’s closeness with both family members demonstrates her appreciation of both public duty and maintaining an idyllic domestic life.

Tricia Cotham has even stronger political connections as Pat Cotham was once an elected member of the Democratic National Committee and is currently a commissioner in Mecklenburg County. At the same time, Tricia holds multiple years of voting experience and is committed to political activism within her family.

Gerald E. Meek, Tricia Meek’s husband’s father, shows her family’s political and public service roots. Divorced Tricia Cotham Tricia Cotham’s private life has altered since she and Jerry Meek split as State Democratic Party Chairman. 

Their divorce marked a new chapter for Cotham and another transition for her two boys, whom she remained dedicated to even after divorce procedures started. Tricia Cotham’s political career and personal life are closely interwoven.  

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Tricia Cotham Husband

Tricia Cotham married Jerry Meek, state head of the Democratic Party, in late 2008. When her marriage ultimately failed, Cotham found herself thrust into newfound responsibility when their first child left them devastated by divorce proceedings.

Tricia Cotham adores her two boys but doesn’t discuss them much. Being Christian-influenced, Tricia makes all personal and professional decisions according to one set of values and principles.

Tricia Cotham is an inspirational figure who epitomizes dedication, passion and political authority in her incredible life journey. 

As an educator before transitioning into politics, her roots provided ample foundational knowledge, which has seen her make her mark across North Carolina’s legislative scene and leave an indelible mark of influence on its laws and legislature.


Tricia Cotham has had an extraordinary and groundbreaking political career. Her expected net worth to reach $3 Million by 2023.

Tricia Cotham’s familial connections, particularly her mother’s role as an activist in North Carolina Democrats and family life, have added another layer to her narrative. Tricia remains a significant player in state politics today, and her life story continues to shape its course.

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Why has Tricia Cotham switched political alliances?

Tricia Cotham announced her intention to switch parties in April 2023, citing abuse she experienced after displaying American flags on her car and social media.

When is Tricia Cotham Up for Reelection?

Tricia Cotham may run for reelection again depending on the year and position being sought; to stay up-to-date, get all relevant details from Tricia herself or from official election authorities who usually hold all pertinent data regarding her candidature and any forthcoming elections, it would be prudent to visit their websites regularly.

Who Is Replacing Tricia Cotham?

Future elections in Tricia Cotham’s former legislature seat will ultimately decide who takes her place as their representative. Official election results, local election officials, or government websites should provide sufficient details about who currently occupies it.

Has Tricia Cotham Held Other Political Offices?

Tricia Cotham has been active in politics for some time and has held various positions. Her political journey can be researched using her Wikipedia, interviews and records kept by government entities.

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