Peter Shue Wiki 2023: Madonna, Drug Trade, Controversy, Career and Spiritual Awakening

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The ’90s drug dealer Peter Shue became renowned with his association with Madonna. Shue, born in 1968 in New York, had a rough childhood. Being a successful cocaine trader gave him the moniker “Pistol Pete.” After jail, he wrote his book and became spiritual to better himself. He posts on social media sometimes and works on new projects in his spare time.

Peter Shue Wiki

Full NamePeter Shue
Net WorthApproximately $500,000
Date of BirthApril 19, 1959
Age63 (as of 2023)
BirthplaceBronx, New York
Current LocationNew York City
ProfessionFormer drug dealer, author, party planner, documentary maker
DebutEntered New York City’s nightlife
Claim to FameAssociation with Madonna, drug trade, party planning
HometownBronx, New York
School/High SchoolQuit school to enter the drug trade
Relationship StatusRemarried after divorcing Madonna, current status unknown

Early Life and Career

In the early 1990s, rumors of a romance between Peter Shue and Madonna brought him considerable attention. Peter remains one of Madonna’s greatest regrets, according to local chats. This is because Madonna and Peter just fought.

Peter Shue allegedly stole and auctioned Madonna’s stuff when they were together. Madonna appears to dislike this gesture and wants it to cease. She has warned that Peter may face legal penalties if he continues his activities.

Peter refuses to compromise and demands Madonna purchase the goods at auction or from the buyers. Pete Shue, 63, was born on April 19, 1959. Peter has stopped his notorious pranks for years. Nobody forgets him—he’s the most notorious drug dealer ever.

Peter published The Peter Shue Story: The Life of the Party in 2013. According to the book, he met several Hollywood celebrities, including those he knew while living there.

Celebrities like Diddy, Wendy Williams, Richard Pryor, Woody Harrelson, Mike Tyson, and Keith Sweat attended his events.

Peter Shue Wiki

Born in 1968 in the Bronx, Peter Shue struggled as a kid due to his chaotic surroundings. He quit school to get rich in the drug trade after witnessing too much violence and murder. He was known as “Pistol Pete” for constantly carrying a weapon, which helped him become a successful cocaine dealer. She became famous outside the criminal underground after entering New York City’s lively nightlife.

Shue became a sought-after party producer after rising from street-level entrepreneur to social renown. A-listers, athletes, and models attended his upscale club parties, increasing his legal and underground stature. He could flaunt his legal and criminal achievements due to his lavish lifestyle of several residences, expensive automobiles, and flashy jewelry. An enigma, “Pistol Pete” symbolized survival, goal achievement, and the blurred lines between celebrity and famelessness.

Peter Shue Controversy

In his autobiography, Peter Shue unexpectedly credits Madonna for his 20 years in prison. Shue believes Madonna, who promised him music stardom, was planning his incarceration! The convoluted narrative involving these two ex-lovers continues into their 60s.

Peter Shue Controversy
Source – Instagram

Peter Shue has transformed because he now posts more Bible texts on Instagram. His distinguished history is different. Former mobster turned criminal markets himself as a Christian kid, claiming to have embraced spirituality. Once a staple at celebrity gatherings, Shue now keeps to himself and seldom attends public events.

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Illegal Drug Interdiction and Detention

The DEA arrested Peter Shue in 1995 for buying 10 kilograms of cocaine from an undercover agent. Due to his drug conspiracy conviction, he may be sentenced to life in prison. After pleading not guilty, the trial began in 1996.

Madonna testified for the prosecution throughout the trial. She was in a relationship with Shue but unaware of his drug usage, according to her testimony. She denied ever using drugs with him or seeing him with a gun.

Shue’s defense attorney claimed that his client was a DEA victim who impersonated a significant drug dealer to impress Madonna. He also explained Shue’s move from drug dealing to music production. This data fascinated him. Despite doubting his account, the jury convicted him of narcotics conspiracy. He received 24 years in jail.

Release and Aftermath

Peter Shue began his twenty-one-year term in 2016. He sought a fresh start and changed his habits. He also expressed his love for Madonna and his desire to reunite. The Life of Pistol Pete: Sex, Drugs, and the Birth of Hip Hop, his 2017 biography, was a hit. He appeared on various podcasts and conducted interviews in addition to YouTube.

New York City resident Peter Shue is 63 years old as of 2023. He is making a documentary about his life and will call his clothing line Pistol Pete Apparel. He publishes images and videos of himself and pals on Instagram and Twitter, his most popular sites. He loves Instagram and uses it constantly.

A renowned, rich, and liked man, Peter Shue went from sin to redemption. One of the most exciting and contentious celebrity relationships of the 20th century was his with Madonna. Some of the decade’s biggest scandals included his arrest and incarceration. His release and return represent one of the greatest triumphs of endurance and change. Hip-hop, crime, and popular culture history buffs should read Peter Shue’s wiki.

Peter Shue Net Worth

Peter Shue Net Worth
Source – Instagram

Peter Shue’s profession and investments have earned him nearly $500 thousand. Authoring the book and promoting celebrity parties helped his spectacular climb to fame. Peter Shue played basketball professionally before working. His professional baseball career began. Despite his drug dealing past, he became a successful celebrity party planner. His writings and plays Forbidden and Sexual Preferences made him famous. He also has recognition.

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Relationship with Madonna

Peter Shue initially met Madonna at a 1993 Manhattan gathering. He stated she gave him her number and felt a draw towards him immediately. They had a year-long intense romance after falling in love. According to Radar Online, Madonna wanted to marry Shue because she loved him so much. She also sent him love letters and presents, including a gold necklace with her name.

However, their relationship had issues. Due to his narcotics dealings, Shue had several women. Because of her concerns, Madonna asked her friend Arlyne Brickman, a former mafia agent, to investigate him. After learning this, Brickman told the DEA that Shue was selling cocaine. She helped arrange his 1995 arrest.

Peter Shue Height and weight

Peter Shue is very tall at 5’7″ (1.70m). He is taller than average. His 78 kilograms (171 pounds) bulk belies his agility. He’s straight. Although his height, weight, and other measurements are unknown, Shue seems powerful and athletic. His attention to physical fitness enabled him to engage in street-level commerce and similar events, making him renowned in the glamorous world of nightlife and events.

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Peter Shue’s Girlfriend

Peter Shue’s love connections intrigue viewers. Although he uses various social media sites, Peter remains secretive about his dating life.

Peter Shue's Girlfriend
Source – Instagram

Before that, the drug dealer dated Madonna (actual name: Madonna Louise Ciccone). His Madonna relationship started in 1994. The Peter Shue tale/The Life of the Party was his 2013 book. The book was based on a real-life Super Star ex-boyfriend scenario.

Madonna stated dating Peter was her greatest mistake after they parted up. They haven’t given formal reasons for the split. After divorcing Madonna, he remarried and had a daughter with his other children.

Peter Shue Social media

Peter Shue is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He has almost 8,000 Instagram followers @the1nonlypetershue. Peter’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have over 6,000 and 500 followers, respectively.


Who is Peter Shue?

Peter Shue wrote books, sold drugs, and promoted famous parties. He became famous in the early 1990s via his association with Madonna.

What is Peter Shue’s age?

Peter Shue turns 63 in 2023. His birthday is April 19, 1959.

Why does Madonna value Peter Shue?

Madonna is upset with Peter Shue because he sold many of her items before they were together. She may sue if he continues the deal.

What year did Peter Shue escape prison?

Peter Shue left jail in 2016 after 21 years. He completed 24 years.

What’s Peter Shue’s book about?

Published in 2017 as “The Life of Pistol Pete: Sex, Drugs, and the Birth of Hip Hop”, It chronicles his Hollywood career and acquaintances.

How wealthy is Peter Shue?

Peter Shue may be worth over $500,000. He made a fortune organising celebrity events and marketing books.

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