Punching to Success: Marcos Maidana’s Legacy and $4 Million Net Worth

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Marcos Maidana, the previous Argentine boxing sensation, cut a heritage as possibly one of the fiercest contenders in the ring. Bragging total assets of $4 million, Maidana’s forceful style and strong punches procured him titles across weight classes.

From his severe fights with Mayweather to his victorious welterweight triumph, Maidana’s process reverberates past the game. At 39, he stays lively, rousing hopeful fighters and effectively took part in his post-boxing adventures, remembering a flourishing boxing exercise center for his old neighbourhood.

Marcos Maidana Wiki

Full NameMarcos Maidana
Net Worth$4 million (estimated)
Date of BirthJuly 17, 1983
BirthplaceMargarita, Argentina
Current LocationNot specified
ProfessionFormer professional boxer
Debut2004 (Professional boxing debut)
Claim to FameWBA Very Lightweight and Welterweight titles
ReligionUpdate Soon
Ethnic BackgroundUpdate Soon
HometownMargarita, Argentina
Zodiac SignCancer
School/High SchoolUpdate Soon
College/UniversityUpdate Soon
Education QualificationUpdate Soon

Marcos Maidana Net Worth 2023

Marcos Maidana Net worth
Source – Instagram

Marcos Maidana is an Argentine expert fighter with a total asset of $4 million. Marcos Maidana contended from 2004 to 2014. Around the finish of his profession, he held the WBA Very Lightweight title and, afterwards, the WBA Welterweight title. Maidana completed his career with a 35-5 record, with 31 of his successes dropping by knockout.

Net Worth (2023)$4 million
Boxing Career2004 to 2014
Titles HeldWBA Very Lightweight, WBA Welterweight
Career Record35 wins, 5 losses, 31 wins by knockout

Mayweather’s Financial Gains

On May 3, 2014, Marcos went head-to-head against undefeated Floyd Mayweather. For the battle, Marcos procured an ensured $1.5 million. He additionally acquired more off his portion of the Argentinian PPV deals.

Mayweather procured an ensured $32 million. When Mayweather and Maidana battled again in September 2014, Mayweather brought back home an ensured $32 million, and Maidana’s satchel multiplied to $3 million.

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Marcos Maidana Early Life

Marcos Maidana is a previous Argentine expert fighter who earned overall respect for his solid punches and forceful battling style. He was brought into the world on July 17, 1983, in Margarita, Argentina, and started his boxing profession at 15. Maidana immediately became well known in the game, with a record of 18-0 in his initial 18 expert battles.

Maidana’s most significant advancement came in 2010 when he battled against the undefeated American fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the WBA welterweight title. Even though Maidana lost the battle, he acquired a lot of regard from the local boxing area for his constancy and tenacious battling style. He battled Mayweather again in a rematch the following year; however, he couldn’t overcome him.

Throughout his vocation, Maidana was on top of numerous championships in various weight classes, including the WBA light-welterweight and WBC silver welterweight titles. He resigned from enclosing 2015 with a record of 35 successes, 5 misfortunes, and 31 knockouts. Today, Maidana stays a cherished figure in the boxing scene and is broadly viewed as one of the most brutal warriors of his age.

Marcos Maidana: Super Lightweight Title

Maidana started his expert enclosing profession in 2004 at 20 years old. In his initial two years as an expert contender, he battled in his local Argentina and won an initial 18 sessions. Maidana proceeded to confine Germany and Panama.

Toward the finish of 2008, he had amassed a 25-0 record, including 24 stoppages. Maidana had his most memorable world title session in mid-2009 against Andreas Kotelnik for the WBA very lightweight title.

Welterweight Title
Source – Instagram

Eventually, he lost using a disputable split choice. In the mid-year of 2009, Maidana battled his most memorable match in the US, going toward Victor Ortíz for the break WBA super lightweight title. The session was eventually halted when the ringside doctor administered Ortíz unsuitable to battle.

In the Spring of 2010, Maidana confronted the then-undefeated Victor Cayo in safeguarding the break WBA very lightweight title. He succeeded, taking out Cayo in the 6th round. After neglecting to get a battle against Timothy Bradley, Maidana battled and crushed DeMarcus Corley in the late spring of 2010.

The match saw him going all the way for just the third time in his profession. Toward the year’s end, Maidana tested Amir Khan for his WBA title, yet was crushed in the strained, essential session.

He had one more critical battle 2011 against Érik Spirits, whom he barely beat after a progression of serious volatile rounds to guarantee the WBA very lightweight title. Maidana effectively protected the title against Petr Petrov.

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Marcos Maidana: Welterweight Title

Maidana climbed to welterweight in mid-2012 to challenge previous WBC light welterweight champion Devon Alexander. Not yet agreeable to his new weight class, Maidana battled during the 10-round session and eventually lost using consistent choice.

He quickly returned later in the year by overcoming Jesus Soto Karass using a technical knockout in a vital slugfest at the MGM Fabulous in Las Vegas. From that point onward, Maidana returned to Argentina to battle Martin Ángel Martínez for the empty WBA intercontinental welterweight title. He, at last, won the session through knockout.

The following year, Maidana faced Adrien Broner for the WBA welterweight title. Even though he came in as the longshot, Maidana set up a persistent battle and gave Broner his most memorable vocation misfortune as an expert fighter. Winning by consistent choice, Maidana claimed the welterweight title.

Marcos Maidana Career

Marcos Maidana had a wonderful talent as an expert fighter, bringing home various championships in various weight classes and procuring a standing as one of the hardest warriors of his age. He started his vocation in 2004, battling in his local Argentina before advancing toward the US in 2008.

Marcos Maidana Career
Source – Instagram

Maidana immediately became famous in the US, with a line of noteworthy triumphs over extreme rivals like Victor Ortiz, Josesito Lopez, and Adrien Broner. He became known for his strong punches and forceful battling style, making him a fan #1 and one of the most thrilling fighters to watch.

Maidana’s greatest advancement came in 2010 when he battled Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the WBA welterweight title. Although Maidana lost the battle, he acquired a lot of regard from the local boxing area for his determination and unwavering battling style.

Marcos Maidana Retirement

Maidana formally resigned from proficient enclosing the mid-year of 2016 at 33 years old. He completed his vocation with a 35-5 record, with 31 of his successes dropping via knockout.

How old is Marcos Maidana?

Marcos Maidana age is 39 years of age, as he was born on July 17, 1983, in Margarita, Argentina. Regardless of age, Maidana has kept a functioning way of life since resigning from enclosing in 2015. He has been engaged with different undertakings, remembering opening a boxing rec centre for his old neighbourhood of Margarita.

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How tall is Marcos Maidana?

Marcos Maidana is known for his strong punches and forceful battling style, which he exhibited throughout his boxing profession. He remains at a level of 170 cm, identical to 5 feet 7 inches, and has a load of 66 kg, or 145 lbs.

Fighting StyleStrong punches, aggressive
Height170 cm (5 feet 7 inches)
Weight66 kg (145 lbs)


Where is Marcos Maidana from?

Marcos Maidana hails from Margarita, Argentina. Brought into the world on July 17, 1983, he started his enclosing profession in his local nation before having a tremendous effect on the worldwide stage.

How old is Marcos Maidana?

Marcos Maidana is right now 39 years of age. Brought into the world on July 17, 1983, in Margarita, Argentina, he has kept a functioning way of life even after resigning from proficient enclosing 2015.

What is Marcos Maidana’s record?

Marcos Maidana finished his great boxing profession with 35 successes, 5 misfortunes, and 31 knockouts. His constant battling style and flexibility across weight classes acquired him acknowledgement as one of the most rigid contenders of his age.

What amount did Marcos Maidana make?

Marcos Maidana’s profit differed all through his vocation. Eminently, for his 2014 session against Floyd Mayweather, he procured an ensured $1.5 million. His all-out income likewise incorporated a portion of Argentinian PPV deals. Maidana’s handbags mirrored the serious idea of the game, with fluctuating figures for various battles and phases of his profession.

What is Marcos Maidana’s net worth?

Marcos Maidana’s total assets are assessed to be $4 million. His distinguished boxing profession, perseverance, strong punches, and titles across various weight classes added to his progress in the ring and his monetary standing. Despite resigning in 2015, Maidana stayed a revered figure in the boxing scene, rousing fans and hopeful competitors the same.

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