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Khan Sir is a famous Indian YouTuber and educator. Their innovative teaching style has made them popular online. His YouTube channel and online school are Khan GS Research Centre.

He has over sixteen million YouTube followers in just a few years.  After 2019, Khan Sir was pessimistic about his YouTube channel, but after three years, he had 16 million followers and grew.

Khan Sir Wiki

Full NameKhan Sir
Net WorthPredicted to be 4–5 crores (2023)
Date of BirthDecember 1993
Age31 years (2023)
BirthplaceBhatpar Rani, Uttar Pradesh
Current LocationPatna, India
ProfessionEducator, YouTuber
DebutKhan GS Research Centre (YouTube channel)
Claim to FameInnovative teaching style, millions of YouTube followers
Ethnic BackgroundUnknown
HometownBhatpar Rani, Uttar Pradesh
Zodiac SignNot specified
School/High SchoolParmar Mission School, Bhatpar Rani, Deoria
College/UniversityUniversity of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
Education QualificationMaster of Science in Geography

What is Khan Sir Real name?

Since he has never given his entire name, most call him Khan Sir. However, some people have claimed that his true name is Faisal Khan and that he lives in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.  Khan Sir has always claimed that his tutoring facility has refused to provide his name, address, or other identifying information.

Khan Sir Early Life

Khan Sir Patna, a prominent Indian professor, is admired for simplifying complicated scientific concepts for his students. He is famous worldwide because no one teaches like him.

Professor Khan Sir Patna is a popular YouTuber who was born in Bhatpar Rani, Uttar Pradesh, in December 1993. His official education was at Parmar Mission School in Bhatpar Rani, Deoria.

His patriotism grew in eighth grade, making him a likely enlistee. After eighth grade, he failed the Sainik School entrance test.

He graduated high school and finished 12th grade. He learned everything about the Indian Army in the National Cadet Corps from high school until graduation.

After joining the National Cadet Corps, he considered military service. The National Defense Academy was his choice after high school.

He did well academically and passed the NDA exam, yet he was rejected. He failed the physical order exam due to his crooked hands. His lack of physical fitness made his military service unlikely.

Khan Sir Education

Khan sir attended primary school in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, at Parmar Mission School. After eighth grade, he considered joining the Indian Army. He took the Sainik School admission test to achieve his goals but failed. After some time, he prepared for the Polytechnic test and did miserably.

Khan Sir Education
Source – Khan Sir Instagram Fan Page

He attended an English-speaking school until tenth grade and then Hindi till twelfth. After his senior year examinations, he studied hard for the AIEEE test but fell asleep on the day and missed it.

The University of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh (UP) was his undergraduate and graduate physics school. A top institution awarded him a Master of Science in Geography.

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Khan Sir Net Worth

Khan Sir Patna’s 2023 net worth is predicted to be 4–5 crores. His pay comes from many sources. His Coaching Centre and YouTube channel provide most of his income.

Khan sir may still get money from ads and book sales. He doesn’t care much about worldly belongings since he believes true wealth is in the mind. Khan sir used to wear just a button-down shirt and jeans. Khan sir earns 2 lakh rupees monthly.

Net WorthPredicted to be 4–5 crores (2023)
Income SourcesCoaching Centre, YouTube channel, ads, book sales
Monthly Earnings2 lakh rupees

Khan Sir Career

Khan Sir believed his life was wasted after failing the medical test. He was unsure about his professional path. Even he couldn’t figure out what he had to do now. It was enough to confound and discourage him.

Khan, Sir, finally enjoys life without objectives. He sometimes assisted youngsters with homework. Since he knew he could teach, and that was his purpose. After much consideration, he decided to build his career on his amazing talents.

Khan Sir Career
Source – Khan Sir Instagram Fan Page

After that, he attended Allahabad University. He earned a Bachelor of Science in science. After a Master of Science, Khan Sir Patna acquired a Bachelor of Science.

Khan sir, loved the Indian army and wanted to join it. He joined the military at a young age because of this drive. He then took Service Selection Board tests. The Indian Army rejected him owing to health issues.

Khan Sir Family

Khan sir was born upper-middle-class. All his family is pious and visits the local masjid. Khan sir Patna’s father was a builder, but his name is unknown. Khan sir Patna’s housewife mother’s name is unknown. Khan Sir’s father’s grandpa, Iqbal Ahmed Khan, taught school.

His former job was teaching young children at the Parmar Mission School in Bhatpar Rani. Their parents and younger brother, an Indian Army commando, complete their family.

Khan Sir height, weight and body measurement

Khan sir Patna is 31 years old as of 2023. He is respected for his ability to simplify complex subjects for his pupils. He’s in great shape and promotes leafy vegetables. Additionally, he maintains his health by eating well and drinking well. Khan sir has jet-black hair and eyes. Khan sir has jet-black hair and eyes.

Khan Sir Wife

Single teacher Khan sir has no girlfriends or marriages. But he and his future wife have committed, and he hasn’t revealed her identity. At Banaras Hindu University, Khan sir’s wife studies medicine.

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed his and his fiancée’s May 2020 wedding. Despite this, Khan sir’s military girlfriend has been widely reported, which is false.

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Khan Sir Patna YouTube Channel

Khan Sir’s YouTube channel is Khan GS Research Centre. After seeing the demand for his online coaching, he established the channel on April 25, 2019.

His debut video, “The Human Brain,” was released on his channel on April 26. Since he was well-known in town, he didn’t need to wait for pupils.

Khan Sir Patna YouTube Channel
Source – Khan Sir Instagram Fan Page

Soon, students from throughout India were enrolling in his lessons, and Khan Sir channels saw a J-curve spike in viewership. His YouTube channel has 22 million followers as of 2023. He just released a video about Israel-Palestine relations.

How did Khan Sir become famous?

Khan Sir is recognized for utilizing YouTube and other channels to help youngsters study for standardized tests. He operates Patna’s Khan GS Research Centre, according to many sources. He has a unique teaching style.

Khan Sir social media

Khan Sir uses social media extensively, attracting a large online fanbase. Over 121,000 people follow him on Twitter. That said, his Facebook profile has almost 43,000 followers. Khan, Sir, isn’t on Instagram. Twitter meets his needs regardless of the scenario. Celebrities retweet and mention him constantly.

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Khan sir’s students remember him forever. Khan Sir may have been India’s most influential professor. He’s doing well and advancing schooling. His educational approaches distinguish him from his peers. Khan Sir is a precious teacher because his worthy and cherished. We should prioritize consulting him.


How did Khan Sir become a famous YouTuber?

Khan Sir’s ability to simplify complicated subjects has earned him millions of YouTube subscribers.

What does Khan Sir’s school teach?

Khan Sir teaches English, math, physics, and history.

Does Khan Sir provide low-income students scholarships?

Khan Sir gives scholarships and other financial assistance to eligible students.

How can I enrol in Khan Sir’s tutoring?

Khan Sir Academy’s website has enrollment information.

What else does Khan Sir do for society besides teaching?

Khan Sir is passionate about women’s and environmental charities.

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