What Will Jorge Garrido’s net worth be in 2023? The Journey of a Drum Artist

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El Estepario Siberiano (Jorge Garrido) is a famous drummer for his YouTube and TikTok drum covers and tutorials. An accomplished drummer, crafter, and internet entertainer, he possesses 1-3 million dollars in assets.

Over 633 of his videos showcase his drumming skills, and he has 2.94 million YouTube subscribers since 2014. Interestingly, he drums for Saratoga. El Estepario Siberiano is a music icon due to his catchy songs and fascinating online character. Because his music is participatory and responsive, he keeps listeners engaged.

Jorge Garrido Wiki

Full NameJorge Garrido (El Estepario Siberiano)
Net Worth$1–3 million (anticipated by 2023)
Date of BirthLate spring of 1996
Age27 year old as of 2023
ProfessionDrummer, Crafter, Internet Entertainer
DebutStarted submitting videos on YouTube in 2014
Claim to FameFamous for drum covers and tutorials on YouTube and TikTok
NationalityUpdate Soon
HometownUpdate Soon
Zodiac SignUpdate Soon
School/High SchoolUpdate Soon
College/UniversityUpdate Soon
Relationship StatusMarital status and details not disclosed

Jorge Garrido Net Worth

Jorge Garrido’s asset value is staggering, anticipated to reach $1–3 million by 2023. This financial success proves his skill as a percussionist, crafter, and internet entertainment powerhouse. He is most known for his inspirational drum covers and instructive workouts on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

The intricate music and internet presence of El Estepario Siberiano has driven his spectacular rise to recognition and financial success. His advantages lie in his ingenuity and polished influence, which captivates his audience with rhythmic emotions.

Jorge Garrido monthly salary

Jorge Garrido earns at least $24,000 monthly as a drummer, crafter, and online entertainment star. His primary source of income is this. His quickly growing YouTube channel has contributed to his financial success.

He entertains viewers on this channel by drawing drum covers and teaching. Ad money, sponsored content, and other revenue sources may affect your monthly payment. This massive monthly procurement and reverberation testify to his diverse career and rhythmic skills in traditional and digital circles.

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Jorge Garrido Source of Income

Drumming and Artistry

The fantastic drummer and artisan El Estepario Siberiano performs and plays live. He plays for SARATOGA. The music industry depends on his creativity and drum set skills for live performances, concerts, and collaborations.

YouTube Monetization

YouTube drum covers and tutorials have been his main digital success. The YouTube Accomplice Programme lets El Estepario Siberiano earn money by advertising his videos. He has over 2.94 million members and earns $134,751 monthly from YouTube commercials.

Diversified Online Presence

El Estepario Siberiano is famous on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. He increased his portfolio’s revenue by adding sponsored material, brand-coordinated events, and particular organizations.

Product Sales and Merchandise

The maker may also sell branded drumming hardware, apparel, and other goods that show his personality. Powerhouses utilize stock trades to improve profits and connect with followers.

Jorge Garrido Career

Jorge Garrido, El Estepario Siberiano, is a talented drummer who became famous for his TikTok and YouTube drum cover videos and lessons. His company relies on his drumming, crafting, and internet entertainment influence. Since he started submitting videos on YouTube in 2014, he has over 2.94 million subscribers and 633 sorts of views.

Jorge Garrido family
Source – Instagram

Garrido plays drums in Saratoga despite his online reputation. His audience interaction shows his adaptability as a performer, a crucial component of his work. His double pedal manipulation and delicate single-stroke rolls are in high regard, as are his drumming covers and teaching exercises.

Given Jorge Garrido’s tremendous accomplishments, it’s important to understand his personality, particularly in search results that reveal several Jorge Garridos. In music, drummer Jorge Garrido is an excellent example of how elective characters may work in several fields. His mysterious online presence and tremendous skill set have left an unforgettable impression on the percussion community.

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Jorge Garrido Early Life

Jorge Garrido, better known as El Estepario Siberiano, was born in the late spring of 1996, launching a groundbreaking music career. Tre Cool, Green Day drummer, inspired him to drum at twelve. His drumming interest grew after witnessing his performances. Garrido followed a dedicated competitor who always improved their skill in his pursuit of excellence. He constantly improved and pushed his limitations.

The exam was personal, but it showed his hard work and expertise paid off. Instagram clips of his drumming gave him confidence. During the second half of 2020, El Estepario Siberiano anticipated a permanent employment offer from the Spanish band SARATOGA. This was a turning moment in his music career. El Estepario Siberiano’s youth shows vigour, persistence, and rhythm’s revolutionary strength. A teenage fan inspired by renowned drummers, he became a music industry powerhouse.

Jorge Garrido Family and wife

Jorge Garrido maintains his personal life and marriage private. Despite a July 2022 Instagram post revealing his private life, El Estepario has not shown the child’s mother or relationship status.

Jorge Garrido career

Rumours that the artist is single have circulated due to his silence on sexual encounters. Since drummer El Estepario Siberiano wears a modest profile to separate his personal and professional life, fans politely inquire about his family. No dating scandals have involved El Estepario Siberiano.

Jorge Garrido Son

El Estepario Siberiano posted a child-like Instagram picture in July 2022, but the poll doesn’t inquire whether he’s a parent. However, the child’s personality and identity remain unknown. El Estepario Siberiano’s fans worry about his family life as he keeps it hidden. The photo’s secrecy adds mystery because he still conceals portions of his life.


El Estepario Siberiano, or Jorge Garrido, is a multi-talented artist specializing in computer effects, percussion, and expertise. He evolved from an innocent and passionate young fan to a music industry powerhouse by drawing inspiration from renowned drummers.

His work shows the strength of commitment and self-expression. His $1 million to $3 million fortune is a monument to his cadenced talent, which has resonated across innumerable venues.

His personal life, especially his family, lends fascination to his public image. El Estepario Siberiano’s safety net ensures balancing career success and unique demands. Even if his thumps and teaching exercises still draw attention, the drummer is still famous. His cheerful and personable films have branded the company.


Who is Estepario Siberiano?

El Estepario Siberiano, Jorge Garrido, is a prominent virtual performer and drummer. His passionate drum covers and lessons made him famous on YouTube and TikTok.

What is El Estepario Siberiano’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, El Estepario Siberiano has one million to three million dollars in assets. This shows his success as a percussionist, artist, and digital entertainment powerhouse.

Is El Estepario Siberiano Married?

El Estepario Siberiano hasn’t announced his marital status. He further conceals his personal life with an Instagram picture of a baby.

How Does El Estepario Siberiano Earn Income?

El Estepario Siberiano receives funding via drumming performances, YouTube adaptations, internet expansion, and commercial partnerships.

What Sets El Estepario Siberiano Apart in the Music Industry?

El Estepario Siberiano’s climb from a teenage drummer to the music industry’s most beloved and dynamic personality is marked by his revolutionary passion and attitude.

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