Jena Frumes’s Networth 2023, Loving Family, Height, Weight and Boyfriend

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Jena Frumes is a multi-talented personality from Union Beach, New Jersey, with a net worth of $3 million. She is one of the most popular Instagram stars and fashion influencers in the nation.

Jena Frumes gained popularity when she began dating Manchester United footballer Jesse Lingard. After graduating from high school, Frumes began modeling and has become a top option for several high-profile businesses.

Additionally, Frumes became famous in the entertainment business after appearing in the 2015 comedy series Wild ‘N Out. When Jena Frumes became Jason Derulo’s girlfriend, her fanbase grew.

Jena Frumes Wiki

Full NameJena Frumes
Net Worth$3 million
Date of BirthSeptember 21
Age30 years old (as of 2023)
BirthplaceUnion Beach, New Jersey
Current LocationNot Available
ProfessionModel, Actress, Influencer
Ethnic BackgroundNot Available
HometownNot Available
Zodiac SignVirgo
CollegeNorth Carolina Central University

Early Life

Jena Frumes was born to African parents in Union Beach, New Jersey, on September 21, 1993. Neither her parents nor her personal life are public.

Her family moved to Los Angeles for greater possibilities after growing up in New Jersey. Her parents reared her and her younger sister, whose name is unknown. Jena Frumes follows both French, Native American, and African cultures. 

Jena graduated from high school in New Jersey and attended North Carolina University in Durham. In high school, she became interested in modeling, but her parents forbade her from doing so. 

Jena Frumes Family

Jena Frumes knows her family despite her fame and unpopularity. We already know Jena is half black and half white. Nova Scotia was born in Canada to black and white parents. Her parents helped boost her fame.

Jena Frumes Family
source – Instagram

She was hesitant to embrace her concept, but after being impressed, she backed it and organized a demonstration. They stand out among current celebs. Since her mother reared her sisters apart, Jena doesn’t appear close to any of them.


No current information exists on Jena Frumes’ education. Her academic background has yet to be discovered. It is important to remember that many entertainers and models, like Jena, combine their studies with their professions. 

We don’t know her educational history, but people in her sector often continue their education or get specialized training to improve their skills and expertise.

Future information regarding Jena Frumes’ schooling may illuminate her academic trajectory and credentials. Many celebrities and personalities share their educational experiences to inspire their fans and show the value of personal improvement alongside professional success.

Jena Frumes’ Career

Jena Frumes' Career
Source – Instagram

In a thrilling sequence of events, Jena rose to stardom on social media with her strong self-expression. Her internet profile skyrocketed as she appeared in top publications and endorsed cosmetic products.

On November 15, 2013, Jena Frumes launched her YouTube channel, a milestone. In September 2016, she released her first product, the Sports Workout Teaser | Jena Frumes.

Jena Frumes expanded her programming to include worldwide trips, fashion and lifestyle recommendations, beauty secrets, stunning photoshoots, and fitness skills, responding to her expanding audience’s excitement. As of 2023, she has approximately 380,000 members, demonstrating her digital rise.

Jena Frumes’ Net Worth

Jena Frumes’ net worth is projected at $3 million (as of 2023). Her social media fame is increasing nationwide. Her innovative material on her accounts made Jena famous. She makes most of her money from brand endorsements, sponsorships, advertising, and YouTube.

Frumes worked for Sugar Bear Hair, Gym Shark, Fashion Nova, BrighterWhite Teeth Whitening, and others. Jena reportedly founded All Things Jena, a fashion business. 

Net Worth (Projected 2023)$3 million
Source of IncomeBrand endorsements, sponsorships, advertising, YouTube, and business ownership (All Things Jena)

Jena Frumes’s Personal Life

Jena Frumes's Personal Life
source – instagram

Jena Frumes dated rapper Nick Cannon in early 2016 for a year before breaking up in March 2017. She dated Matt Barnes after one month with Antonio Brown, a famous footballer.

Frumes met Jesse Lingard in 2016 and dated him for a short period. The relationship began in 2017 and parted in 2018. 

Apparently, Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes started dating in March 2020. They shared several TikToks and amusing stuff on social media. Jason and Frumes had their first baby, Jason King Derulo, on May 8, 2021. In September 2021, they broke up. 

Jena Frumes’s Body measurements

Jena Frumes is fit and attractive. A special vibe on her face lets her take wonderful modeling photos. She is 5 feet 4 inches (162.5cm) tall and weighs 115–125 lbs (52.2–56.7kg). Jena’s stunning physique and piercing blue eyes attract most guys.

Jena Frumes's Body measurements
Source – Instagram

Jena Frumes also practices good nutrition. She cooks a lot at home and likes fruits and veggies. Though she must diet for photoshoots, she sometimes eats junk food. Jena likes pizza and pastries. She has natural, stunning green eyes and beautiful brown hair.

Height5 feet 4 inches (162.5 cm)
Weight Range115–125 lbs (52.2–56.7 kg)
Eye ColourPiercing blue eyes
Hair ColourBeautiful brown hair

Social Media

Celebrity Jena Frumes is active on social media. Her Instagram account, where she interacts with fans, is quite popular. Jena’s Instagram username, @jenafrumes, has a large following that anxiously anticipates her updates and thoughts.

Jennifer Frumes has a Twitter account, @jenafrumes, in addition to Instagram. She has 144.1k followers on this site, where she shares her opinions, experiences, and real-time interactions.

Jena also utilizes Facebook, where @jenafrumes has 229k followers. Her followers may connect with her on Facebook as she shares her life path with a varied audience. Jena shares her life on social media, keeping fans informed on her activities.

Controversies About Jena Frumes

She was closely watched following her separation from Lingard. People called her a Yoko Ono impersonator. She repeatedly told her social media followers they didn’t understand.

During this tough period, the actress desired seclusion. The criticism continued with each Manchester United loss. When Jena fashions them, the guys go crazy.

She tweeted Antonio Brown’s number after their breakup. She advised her followers to tweet Antonio Brown to return Jena’s belongings!


Jena Frumes, a diverse American personality, rose from a tiny New Jersey hamlet to social media prominence in 2023 with a $3 million net worth. She gained prominence via modeling and Instagram, then YouTube, with approximately 380,000 followers. 

Although she kept her childhood secret, her mixed origins and family dynamics define her personality. Love with Jesse Lingard and Jason Derulo increased Jena Frumes’s appeal. Jena makes money via brand sponsorships and social media influence despite conflicts and breakups. 

Her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts provide followers a window into her life. Jena Frumes captivates audiences on multiple platforms with her fit body, attractive beauty, and African, French, and Native American origins.

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Who is Jena Frumes?

Jena Frumes is an American fashion influencer, model, actor, and social media star. She posts about life, beauty, fashion, and fitness on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. She is influential online due to her large following and fan base.

How old is Jena Frumes?

Jena Feumes is 30 years old (as of 2023) and she was born on 21 September 1993. Her birthday indicates that she is in her 30s and has achieved success early on.

What is Jena Frumes’ height?

Jena Frumes is 5’4″ (162.5 cm). In modeling, she has exploited her height and stunning beauty to her advantage.

Where is Jena Frumes from?

Jena Frumes is from Union Beach, NJ. Eventually, her family moved to Los Angeles for better prospects. This geographical change helped her become famous and successful.

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